November 2, 2012

Crowdfunding as Beer Tourism

Beer is an intensely local product.  From city names on labels to beer festivals, craft beer is a source of local pride.  A recent article form the National League of Cities best captures beer’s local appeal:

Place making, one of the more nebulous urban policy areas, refers to the desire to create unique and distinct locations where people want to live, visit, experience, and spend money. Local businesses play an important role in place making because they provide unique flavor and experiences that differentiates a city from the sea of endless chain experiences. Within this context, local breweries emerge as ideal place markers, as they are an industry known for making unique products.

For this reason, we expect the campaigns on CraftFund–the first craft beer crowdfunding platform–to draw the most support from the local communities where the projects originate.

And yet, as I have written about before, craft beer and travel share a combined love for exploration.  A great way to experience a city is to structure a visit around the craft beer scene.  Undoubtedly, such an approach will cause you to explore different parts of a city, interact with its people and get a sense for the local feel.  It’s no surprise then that beer tourism is a booming industry.

We view CraftFund’s newly launched rewards platform as a form of beer tourism.  As the go-to platform for the craft beer community, CraftFund’s rewards platform will provide beer enthusiasts with an opportunity to help the 1300 breweries in planning across the country get to market.  You can help add to the character and uniqueness of local places by funding quality beer. Donate a small amount to as many campaigns as you can, collect pint glasses from around the country, and then go explore and experience different cities by structuring visits around the breweries you helped get off the ground.

We expect to introduce you next week to two different brewers and their respective cities.  We invite you to explore both through the act of funding.

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