November 8, 2012

Interview with a Brewer: Fund Scars & Stripes. Fund Waco.

CraftFund believes quality beer and a sense of place are interrelated.  As discussed in a previous post, crowdfunding can be a way to experience and explore different cities and beer.  To this end, we intend to interview all of the brewers on our platform about their beer and local place.

We had a chance to ask Toby Donica and Jan Ohrstrom about Scars & Stripes Brewing Co. and Waco, TX.  Scars & Stripes is currently running a campaign on CraftFund to help get great beer to the Waco area market.  You can help fund Scars & Stripes and Waco by donating to their campaign here.

CraftFund: Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions about Scars & Stripes Brewing and Waco.  We’re excited about what you are doing.  Tell me a little more about  you guys and how you divide the business responsibilities.

Scars & Stripes: I (Toby) have a culinary background Jan has the business background and Trey is good at sales Kliff can brew really well and Kevin is good with Media

CraftFund: How would you describe your beers?  Are you influenced by a particular style or brewery?

Scars & Stripes: Our beers are a traditional Amber and a Chocolate Stout, which is just something we were playing around with and turned out awesome.

CraftFund: Tell me more about your brand.  It seems like your military experience is front and center.  How has your shared military experience influenced your beer and your brand?

Scars & Stripes: Jan is our Iraq Vet. I (Toby) served in the Army as well. Kevin also was ex- Army. And since we all shared scars from being in the Military we also earned our Stripes.

CraftFund: What does craft beer culture mean to you?

Scars & Stripes: The American Dream. Working hard for a passion you love.

CraftFund:  Tell me more about your local place, Waco, TX.  How long have you lived there? What do you like about it and what makes it unique?

Scars & Stripes: All of us at the Brewery are from different parts of the US. We all came to Waco for employment. Waco brought us together and it has that unique culture from the universities to the people that is a big part of why we choose to brew in Waco.

CraftFund: What is the Waco beer scene like?  Do you have any favorite craft beer bars?

Scars & Stripes: The Dancing Bear is the best craft bar.  It is by Baylor University and has a great selection.

CraftFund: We at CraftFund are big on the impact quality beer can have on a community. How do you think Scars & Stripes will enhance Waco?

Scars & Stripes: We hope to bring a new job market to Waco and let locals try local craft beer.

CraftFund: What’s your timeline?  When can we expect Scars & Stripes beer in Waco bars?

Scars & Stripes: We are hoping to be in bars by late December or right after the first of the year.

CraftFund: Well, we hope your campaign on CraftFund helps you get to market as soon as possible.  Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. I look forward to traveling to and experiencing Waco with a Scars & Stripes beer in hand!

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