January 10, 2014

Crafting a Crowdfunding Platform for Craft Beer and Food

To build or not to build?  That was the primary question we faced in pursuing our mission to connect craft food and beverage companies with passionate investors. There are great white label providers who can lease you an existing platform.  This can be a great option as it allows a company to focus on marketing and business development without having to invest significant time or resources into the platform.  Ultimately, we decided against this option in favor of building our own platform from scratch.  Here are our reasons:

1. Ownership.  To borrow from one of our favorite craft brewers (Founders), our platform is built for us and enjoyed by everyone.  Simply put, we desire ownership experiences in the artisanal food and beverage companies we are passionate about.  That's it.  If the objective is simply to faclilitate a transaction then any white label solution can get you there.  However, if the focus is instead on facilitating an ownership experience then a more customized approach is merited.  We are building our own platform with this specific end in mind. Our site will be social, engaging and built for ownership experiences.

2. Craft. The companies we seek to serve through this platform are dedicated to hand crafting their products.  That's the beauty of this space.  No cutting corners.  For us to best serve this industry it became clear that we needed to exercise the same meticulous attention to our own platform design. From aesthetics to process, we believe our platform will meet the high standards of the craft food and beverage industry.

3. Local. We strongly believe that craft food and beverage companies are placemakers.  Companies in this space are breathing life into cities across the country.  Therefore, we view a strong connection between food producers and local place.  In that same spirit we are commited to crafting our own product locally.  While we ultimately hope to serve companies across the country, we are proud that our platform is crafted in our local place of Milwaukee, WI.

Our platform build is nearing completion and we are excited to begin facilitating ownership experiences in food and beverage companies. Stay tuned for exciting announcements over next couple months.  In the meantime, join us and #OwnCraft!

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